At sixteen, teen car drivers believe that they are indestructible and no matter what, they possess the skills to avoid a car crash, but in reality, they often need more training after they get their driver’s license, especially when it comes to avoiding a teenage car accident in low traffic areas.

As car accident lawyers, we believe that teen drivers are more prone to getting into car accidents than veterans of the road.  Teenage car accidents can cause you personal injuries, including whiplash injuries, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, physical disabilities, and pain and suffering, plus take a dog bite chunk out of your wallet as you must find help to pay for the medical bills.

In the worst cases of teenage car accidents, the passengers do not walk away from the car crash because it is a fatal automobile accident or wrongful death automobile accident.

Most people think that an unlikely spot for a teenage car accident to happen is in a neighborhood, where speed limits are usually lower and there is less traffic.  However, teen drivers are just as likely to find themselves in a car crash in low traffic areas unless they adjust their driving methods by:

1.  Being on the lookout for pedestrian, bicyclists, children, and pets

2.  Determining the right of way with pedestrians in the area

3.  Keeping a low speed, usually under 35 mph

4.  Special situations on the road, such as school zones or road construction

As car accident lawyers, we believe that teen drivers must be given extra instruction about safe driving techniques and how to prevent teenage car accidents wherever they venture to, from busy highways to residential areas.

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