The most obvious and important step you can take immediately after a car accident is to get the medical care you need. This is critical for two different reasons.

First of all, it is important for your health because going to the doctor as soon as possible gives that doctor a chance to provide treatment or to send you to a specialist. Getting notification about potential injuries sooner rather than later gives you options and it can also prevent an existing injury from getting worse. In addition, getting details from your doctor and following the doctor’s advice is critical for your personal injury claim.

For the purposes of working with an insurance company, your claim could be penalized if you don’t get to the doctor early, or if you have a gap in treatment or ignore the doctor’s advice. Make sure you keep copies of all notes from your medical appointments and follow the doctor’s advice. Finally, your next step after suffering an injury in a car accident should be to speak to a personal injury lawyer in San Diego.

There are several different things that an attorney can do to help you with this process and they may affect the value of your claim. Having an attorney’s insight sooner rather than later tells you what to do with your next steps and how you can anticipate the case moving forward if you decide to file a claim for a personal injury case in the state of California.