It can be a devastating experience to be involved in any San Diego car accident but the stakes are higher when you find yourself trapped inside a vehicle. Believe it or not, remaining calm and knowing what to do in this situation can be extremely valuable whether or not you are the one trapped inside the vehicle or whether you come across an accident where someone else is trapped inside their car. After an accident, it’s hard to stay calm, but doing so could save your life. 


One of the most overwhelming outcomes after an accident is being trapped inside the vehicle. Roll over crashes in particular make it more likely for victims to find themselves trapped inside the car. In the event that the person involved in the accident has experienced only minor injuries and is able to safely move their body, vehicle damage could make it impossible for them to exit. It is typically at this point in time that most people’s psychological response is to begin to panic.


One of the most important things you can do in this situation is to identify witnesses in the area to determine whether or not the authorities have already been called. If you are unable to see or speak to witnesses, look for your own cellphone as well. Many vehicles have the capability to contact emergency personnel and handsfree calling that can help you in this situation. If you are upside down at the time you are trapped inside your vehicle, take off your seatbelt so that you’ll be more comfortable and ready when rescue personnel arrives. 

Be prepared that you may fall immediately after taking off the seatbelt so brace yourself for impact. If the vehicle is ever trapped inside water, try to move your windows down before the electricity in the vehicle gives out and it becomes more difficult to get out of the window. In an accident, it is likely that your brain will turn to panic mode relatively quickly and it can make it difficult to remember these instructions but remember to keep calm and contact emergency authorities immediately after you have been involved in an accident.