When driving a vehicle, you always expect that your car is going to keep you as safe as possible. Sometimes, however, you might be sent off the side of the road and get stuck in a canal, muddy ditch or other location that can be difficult to get out of. Sinking your car can be very frustrating and overwhelming when you are in this position.

Car accidents are certainly not the only reason that a driver might be sent off the road. A tired driver might also swerve off on the own or be hit by another car and be sent over the edge. Ether is a very low amount of water that it takes to make your vehicle float off of its wheels which is usually six inches. There is only a small window of opportunity you have as the driver and passengers to get out of a vehicle like this when it begins to sink.

Your car might auto lock and this is especially the case with cars that have electricity. The electricity in your car can go out in just a couple of seconds after your vehicle hits a watery area so that it’s important to be aware of what to do.

Make sure you know how to break open your window as well as cut off your seat belt if necessary. Escape tools are critical in situations where you find yourself in any type of water. If you are sent into water, whether it’s on the side of the road or into a bigger pool of water such as a lake, one of the first things you can do is unclick your seatbelt as soon as possible. Doing this right away may just save your life.

Try not to be overwhelmed with panic during this time and free yourself instead. If you can, try to keep your door open as well because it will allow for an easier escape. Holding hands with any other passengers in the car and attempting to get out at the same time is a good tip for passengers and families. Rehearse this with your family so that you all feel comfortable in the event that you encounter this situation at some point in the future.