During the discovery phase of your car accident case, both sides share information so as to get a better perspective on the other side’s opinions and the facts related to the case. This can be important for promoting settlement negotiations so that you do not have to go through the full phase of litigation. One way for both sides to gather information is using depositions. Car accident depositions frequently cover three subjects: how the accident happened, the injuries and healthcare treatment associated with the victim, and the personal background of the injured individual.

Knowing what to expect ahead of time is the best way to prepare for a deposition. Telling the truth and remaining calm for the duration of the deposition is strongly recommended. Your California car accident attorney can help you better understand what’s involved in a deposition. Although some of these questions might seem personal, walking through a trial round with your own personal injury attorney is the best way for you to feel comfortable on the day of the deposition.

Speaking to your injury attorney before attending the deposition may calm your nerves and help you prepare in a confident manner. The deposition is simply an opportunity to have questions answered, and as long as you are honest and prepared, this should not be an overwhelming event.