The Indian car company Tata calls it the “people’s car”, and the world’s cheapest brand new car.  But measuring ten feet long by five feet wide, will the Nano come up short if you get in a car accident behind the wheel of one?

There are reasons to appreciate the Nano, but major critics site car accident safety as a main concern for the foreign car maker that looks to expand sales in the rest of Southern Asia, Europe and America.  The Nano is built to safety specs in India, but their requirements are definitely not to our car accident safety requirements.

Is the Tata-Nano safe during a car accident?

Our car accident lawyers know that when it comes to your personal safety behind the wheel, in this case, you get what you pay for.  Would you rather spend $2,000 on a Nano or spend that same amount on a down payment for a new car or even a used car that is tested and approved according to standards here in the United States?

In a review by “The Times” newspaper in Great Britain, the review states that the Nano does feature front crumple zones, reinforced side doors and a strong passenger cell that helps in case of a rollover car accident.  If a car were built like this in the U.S. and someone was involved in a car accident, this would turn into a major product liability lawsuit over its design defects.

However, the Nano is not tested in India for total car crash testing, airbags or an anti-lock braking system — all requirements in Great Britain and the United States to help reduce the chance of pain and suffering in passengers involved in the crash.  In order to even attempt sales in those two countries, all of those safety features would have to be added, which would nearly double production costs.

The economy is at a low point right now, but as car accident attorneys, we stress the need to take all consideration when purchasing a car. You should make sure the car you buy is up to proper safety specs in whatever country you live in before you purchase.

Our car accident attorneys also wish to stress the importance of getting the best car insurance policy that money can buy, no matter what you drive, because an accident can happen to any car.

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