Although whiplash is a somewhat common outcome for a vehicle accident anywhere in San Diego or California, it is not a condition that should be minimized. Car accident whiplash can be painful and may last a long time. Taking medications or going to physical therapy to address these concerns can go a long way to address the problem in the moment, but plenty of car accident whiplash sufferers will experience chronic pain for months or years. It goes without saying that you should get help from a specialist in the medical field when you suffer a serious car accident whiplash injury.

There’s a good chance that even if you have not suffered with whiplash yet, there’s a strong likelihood that someone in your life will experience this at some point in your life. Whiplash was first referenced in a medical form in 1928, but as of today, one out of every three people will suffer from this condition. Whiplash refers to the trauma impacting the muscles, disks, tendons, nerves, and the bones in and around the neck. Although car accident whiplash is quite common, it can also be caused by contact sports or an amusement park ride.

Once you have been diagnosed with whiplash, make sure you ask your doctor about the best things you can do to cope with this condition. Follow these steps in order to treat your whiplash as effectively as possible:

  • Use painkillers or other medications if your doctor has recommended this as a treatment. Some of the most common medications include NSAIDs.
  • Ice regularly to prevent swelling and pain. Do this every 3-4 hours for about fifteen minutes for a few days after the accident
  • Use a collar or neck brace to give you additional support
  • Use moist heat on your neck after you have completed several days of icing the injury. Once the swelling has gone down, you can use the heat
  • Consider treatments like massage, but not immediately after the accident

If your car accident whiplash was caused by someone else’s negligence, make sure to take notes of all doctor’s visits and get a copy of your medical records. This is the best way to prepare yourself if you do initiate a car accident legal claim in the future.