Your child should always be seated when inside a vehicle. It is not enough for the child to simply be seated as opposed to standing or climbing throughout the vehicle, either. You need to ensure that your child is always properly fitted into a safety seat at all times. Children that are climbing between seats or fighting can cause devastating distractions that could even lead to a San Diego car accident.

One way to minimize this is to ensure that you always have quiet activities that help to keep children occupied throughout the drive. This minimizes the chances of them feeling bored and wanting to climb around the vehicle. You can also do your part by educating your children about the dangers of being up and moving about while the vehicle is in operation mode. It can be distracting for the driver when children are up and moving throughout the car but it can also be extremely dangerous for children in the event that there is an accident.

Make sure to read any written instructions that come with the car seat, too, so that you can install it properly and fit it to your child. Far too many parents make mistakes with car seat installation, so spend the extra time to make sure yours is ready to go.

Not being properly restrained by a safety belt or a car seat can mean that they are ejected from the vehicle in the event of a San Diego car accident. This is why you should always reinforce the importance of staying safe on the road by educating your children about the value of staying in their seat. Of course, no one will have a perfect ride with their children 100% of the time, but explaining the possible dangers and always using the proper safety seats can go a long way.

Make sure you also change the car seat when your child surpasses the weight limits of the seat or the size requirements. Doing so ensures that your child is always in the proper style of seat so as to prevent injuries.