Whiplash might be a common implication of a car accident, but it can have serious ramifications for the rest of your life, particularly if you fail to get medical attention right away. Any whiplash injury or suspected injury needs to be taken seriously immediately after a San Diego car accident.

Unfortunately, this can be very problematic for victims since the long term symptoms of whiplash can take weeks or even months to manifest. This makes it easy to think you are not as hurt as you really are and to avoid medical treatment for your whiplash injury. You may be shocked to discover that your neck and back are still suffering from severe pain weeks or months after the accident has happened. By that time, serious complications associated with whiplash develop some of the damage from the initial injury may have become permanent.

Recent research studies have indicated that whiplash victims who have settled their personal injury claims report severe symptoms years later. Approximately half of individuals participating in these surveys report serious injuries. This is why it is never a good idea to minimize your whiplash injury as you may need to rely on compensation received from a personal injury claim after a San Diego car accident to help you move on with your life.

A back and neck injury is not like a broken bone or a fracture that can heal over time. Even with comprehensive medical treatment you may notice that you continue to suffer from severe back and neck pain well into your older years. Individuals in the most severe cases will have difficulty returning to work or participating in daily activities that were enjoyable prior to your San Diego car accident.

If you are not currently in pain, it is still a good idea to be evaluated for whiplash in the event that you may have whiplash or other conditions that are difficult to diagnose on your own such as brain injuries. Consulting with a physician as soon as possible after you have been injured can be your first indicator that you have sustained serious injuries.