By the end of April, 2009, auto maker Chrysler may be filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and be bought by Fiat SpA, a merger that may save the car manufacture, but what happens to consumers who have purchased defective cars from Chrysler once the company is taken over?

Our firm’s personal injury lawyers in San Diego are always concerned that when auto makers get too distracted on generating business, they tend to open themselves up to products liability in the cars they manufacture.

A defective part inside a car can influence the safety of an automobile and the performance of an auto during a car crash, such as a vehicle rollover, a defective roof (resulting in crush injuries), a seat belt which breaks, or even a defective fuel line.

As the Chrysler Car Company looks to find ways to reduce financial liabilities by reducing legal responsibility to the public to produce, manufacture and stand behind their advertisements for safe cars, the company who takes over might be picking up more products liability from consumers looking to return defective cars and dangerous cars.  Now, with thousands of American car dealerships closing, how are car manufacturers going to provide the safest car if they can not even handle a products recall?

The proposed plan is to have Fiat SpA choose the operations from Chrysler that they desire while the U.S. Government finances the bankruptcy as the company gets reorganized.  The car manufacturer has downsized in the past few years, but still employs 66,000 people.  If this deal goes sour, the automobile giant will clear its assets that could potentially be sold off or simply shut down.

Who will be held accountable if the drivers who are currently behind the wheel of a Chrysler find they have a dangerous car, especially if it is in regards to their safety?

With all the attention being funneled into the how the government and other organizations can salvage what is left of a car maker, there could be more cases of product liability and defective products coming off the manufacture’s lines.

As budgets tighten with the rough economy, car safety features can suffer, too.  Companies might find it hard to spend money on such additions or simply overlook the necessary components as they try to make cheaper, smaller cars.

Fewer safety features could mean a higher rate of fatal personal injury car accidents or wrongful death personal injury car accidents.

The personal injury lawyers at our San Diego firm know that dangerous automobiles lead to severe personal injury or even wrongful death.  When it comes to cars, personal injuries are usually accompanied by a large amount of pain and suffering and emotional trauma.

It is still necessary for auto makers to ensure the safety of drivers during an auto accident, even as money is low and the economy continues to find a way out of the recession.

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