Chinese companies in the business of making car parts will probably see an increase in production and sales.  These are the same companies that were considered too inexperienced and whose lack of knowledge would lead to car accidents.

China is emerging as the world’s number one market for small cars, which has broadened the market for domestic parts suppliers and enhanced economies.  Our car accident attorneys wonder if this new way of car making can lead to car accidents from design defects.  There are many small parts in a car, and if one of those parts malfunctions, a car accident causing personal injury or wrongful death.

Possible design defects in Chinese-made car parts can lead to car accidents.

Car accidents can cause personal injury like whiplash or spinal cord injuries.  If a country has the resources and the knowledge to build a car, that country should be allowed to produce.  That country still has the responsibility to produce a safe car that will prevent personal injury or wrongful death in a car crash.

China’s car-parts industry grew about 30% from 2004-2008 according to a member of the management team at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.  That same consulting firm expects the industry to grow to about $350 billion by 2015.

With a greater emphasis on smaller, fuel-efficient cars, the need for parts for these cars will be in high demand.  A country that knows how to make these parts will take great economic step forward because that country will have an advantage on new technology.

As car accident attorneys, we believe countries that engage in creating these new parts for smaller cars need to be careful and conduct all of the proper testing required to ensure drivers that the cars they drive will malfunction and cause car accidents leading to personal injury or wrongful death.

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