New Pennsylvania legislation requires employers to extend group health insurance coverage to employees’ adult, dependent children until age 30, which could mean that hospital co-pays and medical bills for personal injuries could increase in cost.

Our firm’s personal injury lawyers in San Diego know that affordable healthcare is necessary to help injured persons get the best possible medical treatment.

If you get in an automobile accident and cannot afford the cost of your medical bills, you may be turned away from receiving treatment for your personal injuries.  Left untreated, personal injuries grow worse and could cause more pain and suffering or even wrongful death.

Under the new legislation the state’s General Assembly approved in mid-May, 2009, a child 29 years or younger could be covered through a parent’s health insurance as long as that the child is unmarried, has no dependents, is a resident of Pennsylvania or enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited institution of higher education, and is not covered under another group or individual health insurance plan.

However, employers are allowed to raise premium rates of the healthcare insurance plans they give their employees in order to cover costs.  Could this mean that the cost of medical bills will also inflate and it is harder to treat personal injuries?

Our San Diego personal injury lawyers think that everyone should research their healthcare provider to find the pros and cons with each insurance company to make sure that your potential medical bills for future personal injuries are covered by the provider.

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