In an interesting article on, one man talks about future cars.  He sees a wonderful future of automated vehicles, where cars are plugged into a dedicated wireless frequency that controls their every movement for us.

No one knows where the future will take us, but our auto accident attorneys hope future cars will signal an end to all crashes.

Automated vehicles promise a future without car crashes.

Auto companies everywhere are working feverishly to create the car of the future.  For years, people thought the industry’s next great innovation would be the flying car.  Now, with the advent of wireless internet, the future car is an automated vehicle. The government has already begun taking steps to ensure that the infrastructure is in place for the future car.  The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) announced plans for a new 5.9-GHz radio signal that will enable cars to communicate with each other as well as the road itself.

“The FCC allocated 75 megahertz within the 5.9-gigahertz spectrum for the primary purpose of improving transportation safety,” said an administrator for Research and Innovative Technology Administration at the DOT.

While it won’t happen overnight, car makers have begun to make strides — self-parking technology, night-vision systems and red-light-signal recognition — towards an automated future car.

Ford is debuting its MyTouch system in the 2011 Ford Edge.  MyTouch is a 4.7-inch touch screen that lets drivers control navigation, media and in-car temperature while also allowing for broadband plug-ins for passengers with wireless internet on their laptops.  While MyTouch appears to be a source of driver distraction, we’re taking a glass-half-full look at this.

Meanwhile, a concept car from General Motors, the EN-V, takes a deeper look into the future.  The EN-V is composed of carbon fiber, uses a Segway motor and sits on two wheels.  While its top speed is only 17 mph, the speed is controlled by a video game-like controller.  The EN-V is already capable of automated driving along a scripted route as it uses the DOT’s 5.9-GHz wireless network.

Audi is already experimenting with new technology that syncs your car’s computer with traffic lights.

“Audi is developing a system that involves intelligent traffic lights that emit a signal to vehicles with the proper on-board computer,” said a research analyst.   “The signal tells the computer how far away the traffic signal is and how long until it will change.  The computer then translates that equation into a driving speed for you to travel — resulting in the driver never having to stop.”

While autonomous driving is still something reserved only for concept cars, auto makers are exploring more durable materials — like magnesium — for the car body to minimize property damage and personal injury.  All told, this future might one day be a place where no one has ever heard of an auto accident.

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