The changed promised by new President Barack Obama might signal an end to the health insurance practice that left people with pre-existing conditions to fend for themselves in the extremely expensive world of healthcare.

It just may take a while for those high medical bills to become manageable monthly payments and co-pays.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers believe that everyone has a right to medical coverage.  While pre-existing conditions make for costly clients, not having health insurance can make any personal injuries a costly endeavor thanks to high medical bills.  Many people have to find help to pay their medical bills even with health insurance!

While health insurance companies promised at a Senate hearing to make life easier for those people with pre-existing medical conditions, this change hinges on the condition that the U.S. government makes healthcare mandatory for everyone.  Any possible universal healthcare legislation is still, however, months away.

Here is some guidance for people with pre-existing health conditions, should they be worried about paying for some very high medical bills in the event of an automobile accident:

  1. Try to keep employer’s health insurance coverage
  2. Learn your state’s rules on health insurance
  3. Seek other health insurance group coverage
  4. Be honest about your medical history
  5. Beware of temporary health insurance policies

These tips may only be stop gaps, but at least there is now hope to curb the pain and suffering for the thousands of people left without medical insurance.  The same could not be said in past years.

Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego know that an automobile accident cause serious and life-threaten injuries.  Since a car accident can happen at any time, anyone denied health coverage due to a pre-existing condition would find that a life changing personal injury could lead them on a path to bankruptcy, which ultimately costs all citizens money, as the government may step in to pay the medical bills or the hospital may just have to write-off all emergency, medical, trauma, ambulance and other medical treatment.

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