Oil companies that are state-owned by the Chinese government are looking to invest in Petróleo Brasileiro SA oil exploration and production projects in Brazil, but with these new developments happening in oversea oil production, will the new product cause more car accidents in American cars?

Our car accident lawyers believe that auto accidents can cause you severe personal injuries which are accompanied by a large amounts of pain and suffering and requiring many to find help in paying their medical bills.

An announcement from February, 2009, said that as part of a package deal involving $10 billion in Chinese financing for Tstate-run Brazilian oil company, Petrobras is willing to move some of its industry to South America.

Could adding a multi-national oil product to American cars cause them to malfunction and create more auto accidents?

Our firm’s car accident lawyers think that everything that goes into a car should be safe, free of product liability and design defects, and make sure that defective parts are not included in your automobile when you purchase it.

New products, such as this oil, should be thoroughly tested, with the results given to the public, before they are fully approved for use in American autos.

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