The government has proposed national fuel efficiency standards for cars in hopes of limiting the carbon dioxide emissions while addressing climate change and reducing dependence on imported energy.

While this new law attempts to do good, it could actually do harm by causing more car accidents, personal injury and wrongful deaths.  As the price of cars will go up in order to comply with the new rules, some people will stay with the older cars they currently own.

Our car accident attorneys believe driving a safe car with proper parts is the first step to preventing a car accident.  A car crash could lead to personal injury which often requires expensive medical bills.  You can protect yourself — and your assets — by making sure that you have a good auto insurance policy on your car.

The majority of the pollution comes from old, dirty cars.  New cars are still too expensive for many consumers to purchase in this recession — thus leading to more older cars on the road, and older cars don’t have all of the advanced safety features that new cars have.

It seems that older cars create another problem: personal injury related to lung diseases.  A study about polution from emissions — performed by California State University at Fullerton and Sonoma Technology — concluded that there would be fewer instances of lung disease if many areas had simply met federal emissions standards.

Our auto accident lawyers know that in tough financial times like these, many people are sacrificing something to get by.  We just hope that you will never sacrifice your safety or the safety of those around you.

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