In 2007, the iPhone was introduced for the first time to consumers.  When that happened, a whole new type of phone was established.  Phones with touch screens and internet capabilities became almost standard, and car accidents became more possible because drivers are paying attention more to their phones than on the road in front of them.

As car accident attorneys, we are not against new cell phones being created because new technology means better cell phones that can be used for clearer calls or to send more text messages.  When these new cell phones come with features that can take a driver’s focus off the road … that is when the line has been crossed as it becomes dangerous.

This summer, a cell phone that people are talking about is the Palm© Pre, which is being sold to Sprint customers.  This phone will be sold to consumers starting in June.

The new phone from Palm is being advertised as an “iPhone killer.”  The phone has similar features to the iPhone: picture messaging and internet capability.  Both of these along with regular phone calls and text messaging can lead to car accidents because drivers are not paying attention to the road.

As car accident lawyers, we urge drivers to be safe when they are driving in their cars.  That means travelling at safe speeds, paying attention to the road, and having the best car insurance policy covering you.

Drivers not worry so much about your email or Twitter.  After all, you’re on the road.

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