Money might be tight nowadays, but two new hands free cell phones have been unveiled that might be cool enough for teenage drivers to use and curb their cell phone usage known to have caused numerous car accidents.

Being car accident lawyers, we believe that talking on a cell phone and driving at the same time leads to unnecessary preventable car crashes, which is especially prevalent with teenage drivers.  These new devices could help curb the amount of personal injuries that require medical treatment caused in drivers in their teens.

On April 23, 2009, Plantronics and Aliph, two of the more highly regarded headset makers, unleashed upgraded versions of popular hands free cell phone accessories known for their upscale style.  Plantronics Voyager Pro ($100, starting this week) performs better overall than Aliph’s Jawbone Prime ($130, starting on May 2), but those drivers who want make a fashion statement—such a teenager drivers—should opt for the Jawbone.

The basic Bluetooth headsets do not stand a chance against these sleeker, noise-reducing models, which pick up all the aural sounds of your surroundings and delivers them straight to your listener’s ear.  Consumer reviews suggests teenager drivers will seek out these new cell phone headsets on their own if they do not have enough money, but suggest that if parents are willing to drop the cash, teenagers behind the wheel will wear them.

As experienced car accident attorneys, it is our belief that talking on the phone with or without a headset causes unnecessary car accidents and we want to reduce those as much as possible.  When car accidents are reduced, so is personal injury and we like to see drivers free of pain and suffering.

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