According to the Los Angeles Times, Anaheim wants to get rid of cameras that ticket drivers going through red lights and often cause car accidents while traveling through an intersection.  This ban would be…forever.

Our Southern California firm’s car accident lawyers are in favor of anything that keeps drivers safe and free from personal injuries.   One of the top causes of car accidents is running a red light, so what happens when technology that enforces tickets to red light runners is gone?

Anaheim plans to scrap auto accident prevention red light camera program.

Anaheim is looking to place a ban on red-light traffic cameras. (Source: LAist)

There are two sides to the issue of red light cameras:  the critics who say that cities only install them to garnish higher revenue’s and have evidence to support the inaccuracies of the cameras while backers say they prevent catastrophic injuries by cutting down the number of car accidents at intersections.

The city of Los Angeles — Anaheim’s Southern California neighbor to the North — reported nearly $3.8 million in revenue gains last year from red-light traffic cameras .  Dollars can be counted, but lives saved cannot, so the motorists of Anaheim appear willing to take the auto accident risk at stop lights.

On April 14, 2010 the Anaheim City Council showed their support for an city charter amendment which would forever ban red-light cameras in the city limits and could be voted in as early as November of this year.

The car accident lawyers at our Southern California firm are worried about what this might do to the community of Anaheim in terms of intersection safety.  Hopefully there will not be an increase in red light running accidents without the cameras keeping drivers in check.  Time will tell if Anaheim did its part to prevent car accidents.

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