At the first fallen raindrop, it seems that San Diego traffic comes to a standstill. Blame it on the perennially perfect weather, but San Diegans seem to freeze once wintery conditions hit the city. And what qualifies as “wintery” in our city would make Minnesotans belly laugh all the way home through their 12 inches of powdery snow. Nonetheless, it’s our winter, and here’s how you can deal with the chill when it comes to preventing San Diego car accidents.


Slippery conditions are no match against worn-out tires. Be sure your tread is within recommended thickness (it should pass the “Penny Test”) and check for any cracks, bulges or separation. Now that we have cooler weather, the rubber on your vehicle could have suffered from brittleness or warping. Be sure to have a professional rotate or replace your tires. When rain hits, you’ll be prepared.


Cold weather can be wreak havoc on your car battery. Although we generally do not experience bone-chilling cold in San Diego, outlying areas may experience freezing weather conditions. It wasn’t long ago that the San Diego bedroom communities of Temecula and Murrieta were hit with a miraculous snow storm just days after Christmas in 2014. In fact, in some areas, snow lasted for up to one week! It doesn’t hurt to double check your battery condition, and if it’s older than two years, have an expert take a look for possible replacement.


Once it rains, it tends to pour. In San Diego, we’re often hit with several days in a row of rainstorms, especially within the last month. Be sure to double check your windshield washer fluid levels and your wipers. Bad wipers can be a recipe for disaster; poor visibility could lead to a San Diego accident. Be sure your wipers move across the surface of your windshield with ease. Any skipping or un-wiped section means it’s time for a replacement.


Rubber is a wonderful and necessary material for all kinds of vehicle parts but it also corrodes easily and should never be overlooked. With summer behind us, the change of temperatures can cause rubber materials including belts to warp, dry out and corrode over time. It is extremely important to have a professional inspect your vehicle inside and out to ensure that rubber materials are in good shape before rainy weather is upon us.


In addition to safe winter weather vehicle tips, it helps when you are equipped in the event of an emergency.

Keep a pen and paper available

In the event of a car accident, it may be helpful to keep a pad of paper and a pen handy. Keep it alongside your registration in your glove box in the event you want to write down important facts about the car accident such as intersection, details about the events or the other driver’s information.

Keep an emergency kit

Cones and flashers could be helpful in the event of a crash. A first aid kit could also be useful if you have an emergency situation. Also, be sure to keep a flashlight stashed in the event you need it for a flat tire or accident occurring at night.


If you have been involved in an injury accident due to inclement weather, it is important to write down as much information as you can about the accident, if possible. If your injuries prevent you from remembering or writing down details, you may want to have witnesses such as another passenger write down any facts about the case. Talk to a San Diego personal injury attorney specializing in car accidents as soon as possible to ensure all of your legal rights are preserved. Give us a call today, 24/7, for a FREE consultation: 1-858-551-2090.