In the past, consumers that wanted to access a wireless network had to rely on a blanketed wireless network that an entire city can access.  Free wireless internet was being shared by thousands at a time.  A new wireless device can change that but it can lead to car accidents caused by distracted drivers.

Verizon’s Novatel MiFi 2200

Our car accident attorneys believe that drivers already have a lot to concentrate on while they are on the road.  This new wireless internet connection device may be the new way to get on the internet, but could it be the latest way to cause car accidents as a result of distracted drivers who use of the internet.

The portable wireless network device, known as the Novatel MiFi 2200, uses the same network that their cell phones use.  There are different plans depending on how much content you want to download.  For example, $40 per month gets you 250 megabytes of transfer.  The most expensive plan costs $60 which allows 5 gigabytes of transfer.

In this day and age where drivers and businesses are always moving, being able to connect to the internet has become almost mandatory.  Unfortunately, these devices lead to the potential for more car accidents to occur on streets and highways because car drivers are distracted from using the internet or talking on their cell phone while driving.

Our car accident lawyers know technology continues to advance, but companies need to warn consumers (especially drivers) about potential hazards that use of their devices can cause.  The best car insurance policy is to put away all the electronic devices to avoid looking at them.

Always remember: you can check your email when you get home to your own computer.  No communication is worth the wrongful death of yourself or other drivers.

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