The number of states using GPS devices to track stalkers and known abusers is rapidly growing, utilizing technology that could be put in the cars of teenage drivers so that parents can track their every move and hopefully lower teen car accident statistics.

Our firm’s automobile accident attorneys believe that auto accidents involving teenage drivers can cause severe personal injury — which will be costly when it comes time to pay the medical bills — but that the worst cases, teenage auto accidents turn into wrecks out on the road.

Is it possible to implement the same GPS technology in cars driven by teenagers to allow parents an eye as to where their child is going and, should an auto accident occur, the location of the car accident?

If your teenage child just got his or her driver’s license and hit the open road, you would most likely want to know where they are going, right?  And you would be worried about how fast they are going and what could happen if they get into a car crash too.

Using GPS technology, parents would have a chance to be backseat drivers while not even being in the car.  But maybe this type of technology will mean that parents feel they do not need to enforce as much supervision as they previously would have—could that make teens turn teens into more reckless drivers on the road and raise the amount of teenage car accident statistics?

Being automobile accident attorneys, we think that all parents should keep a close watch on their teenage car drivers and stress the importance of safe driving to avoid auto accidents and the personal injuries associated with them.  Just to be on the safe side, talk to an insurance agent about getting the best car insurance policy available for your teen.

If you cannot be there to help your teenage driver from getting into a car accident, at least you can know where they are when they are behind the wheel.

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