Every single night, about a third of all Americans are tossing and turning in bed and unable to get a good night’s sleep worrying about the economy.  According to the annual poll by the National Sleep Foundation, for most people, money worries far outweigh other problems, such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, global warming, or the threat of a terrorist attack.

These sleep-disturbed Americans also report that they are more than twice as likely to miss participating in family events, leisure activities and work functions because of their sleepiness.  Upon picking up this information, however, we, as car accident lawyers, are concerned about an entirely different problem associated with lack of sleep: drowsy driving car accidents.

Our car accident lawyers strongly suggest people not only understand the importance of sleep, but also implement it; because we, as car accident attorneys, have handled many wrongful death car accident cases due to drowsy driving.

Given the ongoing economic crisis and personal financial stresses many Americans are experiencing, the National Sleep Foundation encourages Americans to maintain or to develop good sleep, exercise and diet habits to stay healthy and productive even in difficult times.

The best way to break out of a bad sleep cycle is to start getting sufficient sleep, and day problems may start going away one by one.  At the very least, the risk of a drowsy driving car accident is much decreased.

Our car accident attorneys have seen how sad relatives and friends are over the wrongful death of a loved one in an auto accident.  So please keep them in mind the next time you consider not getting enough sleep.

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