An estimated 50 million Americans lack proper and adequate medical insurance to pay their medical bills paid in the event of any personal injury.

Americans who cannot afford medical insurance are becoming a staggering majority.  When these people suffer from illness or personal injury, they are forced to use over-the-counter products or just simply ride it out where possible.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys know the current economy hurts a wide range of people that do not have the adequate funds to pay for health insurance.  That, in turn, leads to a wave of Americans that do not have a means to help get medical bills paid in the event of any type of illness or physical disabilities.

Americans that can afford medical insurance but do not have it are a growing trend considering that for the same price as a cell phone, you can have proper medical insurance to help pay medical bills.

People who lose coverage down the line often have difficulty and turn to political action as a means to vent their frustrations.  For instance, a group known as Health Care for America Now has plans to bring up to 15,000 people to Washington to lobby Congress for guaranteed coverage.

Research has shown half of those who lose coverage find other health insurance in four months or less.  That statistic could also contribute to the fact there is not an organized advocacy group for the uninsured.

The Institute of Medicine provides scientific advice to the government, and they have found that a lack of health insurance increases the chances of worsening problems for common ailments.  From diabetes to and stroke, uninsured patients do not get needed follow-up care and sometimes skip taking prescription medicines and put off seeking help when new symptoms arise.

For our firm’s personal injury attorneys in San Diego, it is imporant that everyone has good medical insurance because without it, you could experience an intense amount of pain and suffering from an injury that you do not have the means to cure.  When that happens, a lot of the time the injuries involve into wrongful deaths and nobody wants that to happen.

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