A 32-year-old Topeka man has been criminally charged after a pedestrian accident incident where a woman was dragged, while partially stuck under the front bumper, by a car driven by a man with the intent of hurting her.  The man was arrested in connection with aggravated battery after being accused of dragging a female acquaintance under the front of his car.

Our firm’s pedestrian accident lawyers handle cases that are, for the most part, car accidents that are actually accidental.  They may be due to negligence, driver inattentiveness, drunk driving (DUI), or weather conditions but an intentional car accident is on a whole different level.  Any type of crime like this takes a specific intent that normally does not appear in “accidents”.

According to officials, a 911 call was received about a woman in need of medical and police assistance. Originally, the call was for first responders to go to the area of S.E. 29th and Indiana, where a 49-year-old woman was located suffering from serious personal injuries to her head, arms and legs.

Officers and detectives investigating the car accident case subsequently learned that her injuries had occurred in an incident.  After interviews with witnesses and talking with the victim, police learned the circumstances of the incident and were able to identify and arrest a suspect.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers want to remind everyone on the road, whether you are behind the wheel or out for a walk, to be careful that you do not get in a situation that requires medical treatment or ends up taking someone’s life.

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