A New York jury has ordered the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) to pay $27.5 million to woman who suffered a personal injury when she was struck by a bus in a pedestrian accident as she crossed the street.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers have experience working cases where people walking down the street get hit by an automobile.  You’re walking down the street, minding your own business when a car or a truck (0r in this case a bus) comes out of seemingly nowhere causing personal injury or even wrongful death.

The 45-year-old woman cried when the verdict was read.  The pedestrian accident left her without a leg because the bus accident resulted in another leg being amputated.

Can you imagine how much your life would change after a permanent physical disability like the loss of a limb?

The jury said, however, that the woman was negligent for not looking when she crossed the street before the pedestrian accident.  However, the jury also found both New York City Transit and the bus driver liable for fault in the case.

According to the jury, her personal injury was 100 percent the result of negligent driving and the MTA’s overall negligence in the pedestrian accident.

We, as pedestrian accident lawyers and personal injury lawyers, believe that when an individual or organization is responsible for causing a personal injury, that the injured person has a right to personal injury compensation.

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