After a tractor-trailer crashed into the back of their minivan in a violent car accident, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, his wife and daughter have started recovering from their personal injuries, but mostly from shock.

The Associated Press reports that Reid’s wife of 50 years, Landra is recovering from a spinal cord injury sustained to her neck during the accident.  The family agrees that their injuries could have been much more serious and that they were lucky to have avoided being paralyzed or worse.

Harry Reid’s wife, Landra, is recovering from a spinal cord injury sustained in a car accident (Source: Flick’r)

Our firm’s San Diego paralysis lawyers know that car accidents can lead to spinal cord injuries and change your life forever.  One moment you are going around town and doing all the activities that you normally enjoy, the next moment you are living with paralysis.

Reid’s daughter is seeing a neurologist for her dizziness from the crash.  Reid himself is fine, if not a little shaken, but Landra’s injuries are the most severe because her neck broke at a point that could have very well caused paralysis.  After undergoing paralysis treatment and surgery, Landra was sent home with a neck brace on and slowly regained the use of her arm.

The driver of the tractor-trailer, was not injured in the car accident with the Reid family, but police did cite him for reckless driving.  Typically, in accidents such as these, the outlook for recovery is good for the driver of the larger vehicle while the smaller one’s passengers might not have such a good prognosis.

Our spinal cord injury attorneys in San Diego hope that all of the Reids, especially Landra, make a quick and complete recovery.  These accidents can usually turn out much worse, with life changing injuries or loss of life.  You can never be too careful on the road, which is why it is always a good idea to buckle up and obey the speed limit as posted.

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