A new study has found that women are less likely to be distracted drivers when compared with men. The study found that driver distractions are to blame for at least 12% of all vehicle crashes around the country.

Mobile phones and car radios are the most common cause of distractions, but Norway’s Institute of Transport Economics found that men are more likely to be involved in accidents. Furthermore, other factors that influence likelihood of distracted driving were certain types of personality and age.

More than 1100 high school students and more than 600 adults were explored in the first study about personal traits linked to distraction. Many people who felt that distracted driving was outside of their control or was more socially acceptable were more likely to report engaging in it on a regular basis. Previous research has found that being distracted for even a small period of time, such as two seconds can increase someone’s chances of being hurt in a distracted driving accident. The World Health Organization has also shared that more than one million people suffer fatal injuries every single year due to distracted driving accidents.

If you think that a vehicle accident in which you recently sustained injuries and developed problematic issues was tied to someone else’s distracted driving behavior, you may have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim with the help of an experienced attorney.