An individual operating his vehicle under the influence of alcohol was killed when he hit another vehicle in San Diego last week. The 43 year old driver also was not wearing a seat belt and the accident took place at night when it can be more difficult to spot vehicles going the wrong way.

The individual who was killed was driving west on Miramar Road when he crossed over the center divider and slammed into an eastbound vehicle. The individual driving the second car was relatively lucky as he only suffered minor injuries and the passenger was not hurt.

Both occupants of that vehicle were wearing seatbelts. The individual was suspected of driving under the influence and was pronounced dead shortly after the accident happened. Unfortunately, wrong way crashes are largely preventable especially when the individual responsible for the accident is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Sadly, in many of these cases the other passengers are also hurt or even killed.

Wrong way accidents can leave victims with a lot of critical injuries that last for many years to come. The driver coming the right way usually does not even have enough time to react and get off the road, putting him or her directly in harm’s way in terms of an accident.