A settlement has been reached in the wrongful death lawsuit where a New Hampshire woman is charged with driving a car into another woman’s car at a Massachusetts car wash.

The woman who caused the car accident, a 48-year-oldwoman, will be back in court on August 25, 2009 to stand trail again on charges of vehicular manslaughter.  A previous trial in April ended on a hung jury.

As wrongful death lawyers, we know that car accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and wrongful death.  The force generated from a car accident can lead to serious injury like whiplash or traumatic brain injuries like concussions and bleeding in the brain (subdural hematoma).  The worst car accidents often end in wrongful death.

As pedestrian accident attorneys, we know that wrongful death or catastrophic injury is often the result when a pedestrian is hit by an automobile.  That was the case on June 18, 2007.

That day, the woman was driving on Route 125 — when she claimed her brakes and steering failed — just before losing control of her Mercedes-Benz.  The woman’s car jumped a retaining wall in front of a car wash and continued, out of control, for 50 feet before hitting a pedestrian — who was innocently wiping her windshield down after leaving the car wash.

Testing of the car by a local Mercedes-Benz dealer showed there was nothing wrong with the brakes, steering or acceleration systems.  The pedestrian accident caused the immediate wrongful death of the pedestrian as well as injury to her 12-year-old daughter — who was inside her mother’s sport-utility vehicle at the time of the auto accident.

The family lawyer would not talk about the terms of the wrongful death settlement, but a portion for the daughter will amount to about $100,000.  Unfortunately, a wrongful death settlement can only do so much to ease the pain of a mother’s wrongful death.

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