There’s something quintessentially classic – nearly retro – when we think of the YMCA. You may even think of that 70s song so popularly played at weddings across America. But the truth is that the organization is much more than a young men’s club or a cheesy dance tune. According to one local man, the YMCA is a lifesaver.

The man, who had tragically been hit by a wrong way driver last August while cycling through San Diego, says the volunteers at the La Jolla YMCA have helped him considerably in his recovery. Sadly, as a result of the accident, he was paralyzed, changing his life forever.

The man’s unfortunate circumstance began last summer. He along with 20 other bicyclists were riding the streets of San Diego when, as reported by San Diego’s CW 6 (2/4/2015), he was hit by a wrong way driver that had been under the influence of drugs and alcohol according to police.

Suddenly, the cyclist’s world was turned upside down. He was struck by the driver in question and recalls being thrown over the vehicle resulting in his catastrophic injury, and worst of all, paralysis.

Post recovery, the man had soon become involved with the Y – but this wasn’t his first time getting acquainted with the organization. According to reports, he and his family had been long time members of the club. He says the club has helped him immeasurably, ranging from care to fundraising.

He says the organization has been a lifesaver in his time of need.

The YMCA is known for its efforts in rehabilitation care and keeping communities healthy with its exercise and children’s camp programs. The organization depends on donations and fundraising to ensure its longevity in the community. Now, the man is active in the Y’s efforts to raise money. He’s a regular at fundraising events, telling his story, and offering support for others who may be suffering from paralysis injury.

When organizations reach out and help people whose lives have been shattered by the after-effects car accidents, it’s a testament of true community service. We commend the La Jolla YMCA for helping individuals like this man who can use this kind of support in such a time of need.


The truth is that life is never the same in wake of an injury car accident. Sadly, car accidents can affect much more than just the human body. Car accidents can tear apart an individual mentally and emotionally. Families are never the same. Life is completely different.

If you have suffered paralysis or brain injury following a car accident, there may be resources that can help you in addition to joining local groups such as the YMCA.


Talking about your accident and joining others who have been similarly affected can do a lot for your mental state. Go to the Brain Injury Association and contact the California chapter to find a TBI support group near you. For individuals suffering from paralysis, contact the Christopher Reeve Foundation to find a mentor or support group.


Following paralysis or brain injury, individuals are left searching for answers. Most people want to know everything about their debilitating injury and what they can do to improve it. Start with the TBI resources available at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Individuals affected by paralysis can seek information at the Paralysis Resource Center at the Christopher Reeve Foundation and the U.S. National Library of Medicine.


Individuals affected by paralysis or brain injury are often left with exorbitant medical bills. Suitable work is difficult if not impossible to find. Lost wages, pain and suffering and future loss are all a sudden reality for people affected by these terrible injuries. If you have been injured in a car accident and suspect it was another person’s fault, you may be entitled to financial recovery. Call a personal injury attorney right away to understand and preserve your legal rights. Our lawyers are experts in car accident injury including brain injury and paralysis. Give us a call today, 24/7: 1-858-551-2090 for a FREE legal consultation and get your legal questions answered today.