Going Hands-Free: Tips for the mover & shakers – It’s easier than you think!

Facebook, Twitter, Google, News, and more – all while driving? The answer is yes for some young motorists, according to a new study from State Farm. Twenty percent drivers in their 30s they have admitted to browsing the Internet while driving.

The results, which are not founded on scientific study but rather a customer poll, reveal that drivers are more willing than ever to surf the net, check email, read the news and text message while driving, even though these practices are against the law and have contributed to numerous injury car accidents.

Alarmed and not without reason: Distracted driving, an epidemic?

More than half of the United States has banned distracted driving, including cell phone use and texting while driving, since the risk of an injury car accident is so likely to occur according to federal data. But, with findings that are alarming as much as they are dangerous, it appears the law has superseded social curiosity.

With the rise of smart phones like the BlackBerry and iPhone, internet access on-the-go has become a widespread practice, regardless of the law.

And, when a smart phone offers alluring features like a touch-screen or QWERTY keyboard, the temptation for the young population to access their social networks has become as tempting as ever.

Tips for the movers & shakers: be a responsible driver

Most drivers know that using social technology like texting, web surfing, or checking email while driving is dangerous – but the temptation is still, inevitably, a hindrance to following the law. But, if you could still access your social technology – safely – would you consider going hands-free?

If you’re a mover and shaker, you can’t miss these tips on going hands-free today. It’s much easier than you think. Let’s do our part as San Diegans to keep our roads safe and hands-free.

iPhone App – Voice Transcription

A speech recognition app called Dragon Dictation transcribes your speech into text, which can then be copied into an e-mail or text message. The point of this app, however, is to use to get important emails or texts out of the way—but, you’ll still have to wait until you’re at the office to send off your now-transcribed messages. The app allows you to fulfill your urge to multitask when you’re stuck in traffic, without having to dangerously type. Just be sure to send off your emails and texts when you’ve arrived to your destination.

Wireless Bluetooth technology

Many drivers have complained about clunky Bluetooth headpieces, but now Bluetooth is available in slim designs that are easy to tote around. Better yet, consider going completely hands-free by installing Bluetooth inside your car. You can place and receive calls directly from your steering wheel for most vehicles 2009 and newer.

Listen to—don’t watch—GPS devices.

Even GPS devices can create a distraction as you navigate your vehicle. If you find yourself fiddling with the controls, you are jeopardizing your car safety and the safety of others. Be sure to program your destination into the GPS device before you start driving. Also, keep the volume of the GPS on high—you will be less tempted to look at the screen for visual cues.

Distracted driving car accidents

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