Insurance rates for drivers continue to rise at a pretty steady pace.  Some cars have even higher rates than others.  Many times, however, that’s not necessarily any reflection of the driver.

The Highway Loss Data Institute, an affiliate of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, conducted a study earlier this past September, and they have revealed their top 10 vehicles who have been involved in the least amount of car accident claims.  These cars usually have lower rates than any other car.

A new top-10 list revealed that several minivans are among the cars in the least amount of car accident claims. The Honda Odyssey is one of them. (SOURCE:

Our car accident attorneys know about the unfortunate rule where the car accidents of others lead to the high insurance rates for everyone else.  If you drive a popular car that is driven by a lot of people (like the Honda Civic, for example), the insurance rate for that car could be high because of the immense popularity of that model.

Car accidents that cause spinal cord injuries or wrongful death (as well as thousands of dollars in property damage) all cause insurance rates for everyone to go up.

Is it fair?

No, insurance companies want to save money and raise their profits.  But it is still possible to find a good car insurance policy for you and your family if you look hard.

In the study conducted by the HLDI, three of the top 10 (or least amount of claims) vehicles are minivans including the Chrysler Town and Country, the Honda Odyssey and the Buick Terrazza, which isn’t made anymore.

Another two are station wagons: the Subaru Outback and the Volvo V70.  The Ford 500 (now the new Ford Taurus) comes in at number seven.

What is somewhat shocking is that three of the vehicles in the top-10 are exotic sports cars: the Chevrolet Corvette, the Pontiac Solstice and the Mazda Miata.  These three are probably on the list because these cars aren’t driven nearly as much as any other car.  They’re usually weekend cars.

Our car accident attorneys believe insurance rates never seem fair to anyone, especially to those who are paying really high rates.  Makes you wonder where the insurance companies’ interests are: your problems or their profits.

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