And the hits just keep on coming.  While unemployment rates are expected to approach record levels, one in six drivers will likely be driving without car insurance by next year, according to a study by the Insurance Research Council.

The council estimated the number of uninsured car drivers by using a ratio of insurance claims made by people injured in car accidents with uninsured drivers to claims made by people injured by insured drivers.  The uninsured rate for car drivers in 2007 was 13.8 percent, down from 14.9 percent in 2003.  Experts expect the rate to rise to 16.1 percent (about one-sixth of all car drivers) by 2010.

The report says that just a one percent increase in the unemployment rate leads to a nearly three-quarters of a percent increase in the uninsured motorist rate, according to estimates.

Our car accident lawyers are worried about these new statistics.  Car accidents happen in staggering numbers, so all car drivers are required to have car insurance.  This applies for both the uninsured and insured drivers.  Uninsured drivers can lose large sums of money if they are in a car accident.  Yet in today’s economy, it is very hard for some people to earn a living, much less pay for car insurance.  All we can ask is that our lawmakers work to improve our economy so that these uninsured car drivers can afford a policy.

Because remember, when times get tough, which is more likely to get paid, your mortgage or your car insurance?  And what if you need that insurance to help you out of an accident that results in someone else’s personal injury.

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