If you suffer a blow to the head, always make sure it isnt a serious brain injury. The phrase better safe than sorry applies more to brain injuries than almost any other organ in the body. Because your brain is so important, its vital to get properly diagnosed and treated after a head injury. A lot of times, people with head injuries dismiss headaches as not being serious. Dont be one of those people -- get yourself checked out by a doctor, and if it's necessary, a neuropsychologist.To diagnose your brain injury, your doctor may order one of several different tests. Diagnostic imaging is usually the first test conducted by doctors. These images take internal pictures of the body to detect broken bones, soft tissue damage or internal bleeding. Since X-rays dont really detect soft tissue injuries, and computed tomography scans (CT scans) arent ideal for diagnosing brain injuries. Magnetic resonance imaging is one of the most useful neurological imaging techniques.Magnetic resonance imaging is a fairly new technology. Magnetic resonance imaging, or more often referred to as an MRI, is commonly used in radiology to help doctors see the internal structure and body function.

How Do MRIs Work?

MRIs are basically a picture of some of the smallest units of matter known to man: photons. Water molecules contain two hydrogen protons. Since about two-thirds of your body is composed of water, MRIs use water molecules to make an image.Heres how it works:The MRI machine emits a powerful magnetic field, and the protons line themselves up with the direction of the field. The electromagnetic field is turned on causing the protons to change their alignment depending on the field. Once the field is turned off, the protons go back to their original alignment, but the changes in alignment create a signal that can be detected by the scanner. The position of the protons can be found by adding other magnetic fields during the scan create the images. Contrast agents are also injected through an I.V. to enhance the appearance of blood vessels, tumors or inflammation in images.The end result will hopefully allow your doctor to give you an accurate brain injury diagnosis. If your brain injury was caused by someone else, you should think about hiring a knowledgeable brain injury lawyer.

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