This is a traumatic brain injury that happens when the tissue of the brain is actually cut or torn. A brain laceration is similar to a head contusion, but the word laceration implies a tear.Brain lacerations are categorized as focal brain injuries damage to the brain where there is direct contact between the head and another hard object. Focal brain injuries are usually in a specific location of the brain.With this type of brain injury, brain membranes (specifically the pia-arachnoid) are torn over the site of injury in laceration and arent torn in contusions. Of the number of people with brain lacerations, 20 percent of them have no significant changes in consciousness. That changes as there is more bleeding and build up within the skull.Since traumatic brain injuries are serious personal injuries, its important that you get the proper medical treatment. Never try to diagnose yourself after a brain injury because you never know what you might miss.

How Do Brain Lacerations Happen?

Brain lacerations are caused by the same thing as many brain injuries: a sharp blow to the head. Brain lacerations happen frequently in the same places as head contusions and skull fractures (even though they can happen without skull fractures), but they are more commonly found in some of the frontal and temporal lobes. Brain lacerations can sometimes happen when the brain tissue is stretched and causes bleeding into the brain tissue.

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