Your brain is one of the most important organs in your body. While your heart and lungs are also pivotal to survive, your brain controls those organs as well as other things like motor functions, thinking and speech.Unfortunately, the brain is just as vulnerable and fragile as all of the other organs. Suffering a brain injury can be easier than you think. A simple slip and fall can cause a brain injury. People who play sports on any level are especially likely to suffer a brain injury. One type of accident that can likely lead to a brain injury happens to three million people every year according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration: car accidents.If you suffer brain injuries because of a car accident, its always important to get examined by a doctor, or a neuropsychologist if necessary. Never try to diagnose yourself. You never know what you might miss. If you feel your brain injury was caused by someone else, hire an experienced brain injury lawyer to handle your case.

How Do Car Accidents Cause Brain Injuries?

The brain may be protected by the skull, but a hard enough blow to the head can cause the brain to shift from one place to another or even bleed from one area or more. A car accident can do that very easily. The amount of force generated by a car accident easily causes serious traumatic brain injury that can result in any number of conditions like concussions, hematomas and hemorrhages as well as contusions or lacerations. Any of those injuries can affect the brain in ways that may change a persons life dramatically, so it is important for you to know what could happen.Because of the different types of car accidents (i.e. front/rear impact, side impact), there are several different outcomes of a car accident in terms of what kinds of injuries you can have. If youre in a rear-end car accident, you can hit the back of your head. If youre in a side-impact car accident, your temples can be affected. If youre in a head-on car accident, you can hit the front of your head. If you have luggage or cargo (even groceries), they can move around after a car accident, and those can hit your head violently.What if you arent wearing a seat belt? Not wearing a seat belt could make your potential injuries that much more severe.What if youre in a head-on car accident? You could potentially be thrown through the front windshield. Even if you are lucky enough to not have a brain injury from impact with the windshield, that doesnt mean you will avoid objects like trees, poles or rocks not to mention the street itself.

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