Ourspinal cord injury lawyers of San Diego have assisted people who are hurt in car accidents can suffer from lower back injuries. When a car accident occurs, the spinal cord can jerk in a position it was not meant to go and cause spinal cord injuries. If a herniated disc occurs, often doctors will recommend a discectomy.

What Is A Discectomy?

Discectomy is the most common surgical treatment for ruptured or herniated discs of the lower spine. When the outer wall of a disc becomes weak, it can tear allowing the soft inner part of the disc to push its way out (herniation). Once the inner disc material extends out past the regular margin of the outer disc wall, it can press against sensitive nerve tissue in the spine.Open discectomy is surgery to remove part of the damaged disc and relieve the pressure on the nerve tissue and reduce the pain and suffering. The surgery involves a small incision in the skin over the spine, removal of some ligament and bone material to access the disc and the removal of some of the disc material.During the procedure, the surgeon will make about a one-inch cut in the skin over the affected area of the spine. Muscle tissue is removed from the bone above and below the affected disc. In some cases bone and ligaments may have to be removed for the surgeon to be able to operate on the disc without damaging the nerve tissue.

What Is The Recovery Process For A Discectomy?

After the surgery, there can be pain where the cut was made, and the original pain may still be there. Pain medication may be prescribed as well after the operation. Before leaving the hospital, a physical therapist may instruct you with things like climbing stairs or getting in and out of bed.Even if a successful discectomy corrects the herniated disk, there is a possibility of a patient being left in a constant state of being in pain. A persons level of health prior to the surgery may never be fully restored.

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