For our San Diegofirm's paralysis lawyers, theirtop concern is your health, and correct testing and diagnosis is important to make sure people with spinal cord injuries are given the right treatments or surgeries, when needed. One test that can reveal spinal cord injuries is the discogram.A discogram is an enhanced X-ray examination of the cervical discs (neck), thoracic discs (mid-back) and lumbar discs (low back), discs that lie between the vertebrae and the spine.

Why Would My Doctor Recommend A Discogram?

Our paralysis lawyers know the importance of proper testing and diagnosis for spinal cord injuries and other personal injury as well. Proper testing leads to proper diagnosis and correct treatments and surgeries. The spinal cord is an important part of the body, so special care must be taken to ensure our clients recovery with the help of spinal cord injury treatment.Discograms are used to determine which disc has structural damage and whether it is causing pain and suffering. This type of structural damage is a primary cause of pain within a damaged disc. Normal discs, and even those that are severely degenerated, do not usually cause pain. This test is usually done prior to surgery to help the doctor know the location of the problem and the type of operation needed.It can show if a disc has begun to rupture and if it has tears in the tough outer ring (annulus). By injecting fluid into the disc to increase pressure, the doctor can tell if the spinal cord injury is painful or not.

How Does A Discogram Work?

When getting a discogram, a long needle is inserted from the back. Dye is injected into the center of the injured disc(s). The dye makes the disc clearly visible on X-ray film.It goes into the center of the intervertebral discs. The fluoroscope (real-time images) makes it possible for a doctor to see on the screen your spine and the needle as it moves. The doctor watches the screen as the needle is inserted to make sure it goes into the correct disc space.Once the needle is inside the right disc, a small amount of fluid is injected to cause an increase in pressure. Dye is inserted into the disc, and then X-rays are taken.

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