Our firm'sparalysis attorneys in San Diego know that spinal cord injuries are very common in car accidents. Sometimes, the amount of force generated by a car accident can be so high that it causes the spinal cord to twist or get pulled in ways it is not supposed to. Sometimes spinal cord injuries require surgery that will hopefully relieve the problems that are associated with herniated discs. There are several choices when undergoing a spinal cord injurytreatment. One of these surgeries is endoscopic discectomy.

Why Would My Doctor Recommend An Endoscopic Discectomy?

An endoscopic discectomy is a minimally invasive approach to herniated disc surgery. Your surgeon will make a half inch to one inch incision in the back at the site of the herniated disc and insert a wire through the incision to the spine. Instead of cutting the muscles, dilators are pushed into the back along the wire to stretch the muscles into a circular opening. Muscles are held open by a retractor (a medical instrument used to widen cuts for surgery) so your damaged spinal discs can be repaired.Your surgeon then inserts a hollow endoscope into the back between the vertebrae causing the ruptured disc. An endoscope is a flexible or rigid tube with a lighted viewing device that transmits an image to a screen so that the doctor can see inside the body without conducting open surgery.Then instruments are inserted through the hollow tube to make a small opening through the muscle and bone to access the disc. The disc fragments are then removed and the in tact part of the disc is left to heal on its own. The incision is then dressed with antibiotics and could require one or two stitches.

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