Thank you for visiting our motorcycle accident website. After nearly two decades as San Diego motorcycle accident lawyers, weve learned that most people believe if theyre honest with an insurance company and cooperate that theyll be treated fairly. Unfortunately, this is not true. What many people dont know is that the odds are silently stacked against them and the insurance claims process is tilted in the insurance companys favor.We know this insider information because our firms founder, Michael Pines after graduating from the University of Californias Hastings Law School in 1987 was once a lawyer who represented insurance companies. After he realized that insurance companies, who advertised themselves as good guys, actually profited by taking advantage of injured people, he knew that this job wasnt for him.Insurance companies, even your own, have trained claims adjustors and an army of lawyers that back them up. If that isnt enough, did you know that you are only entitled to one motorcycle accident settlement at the very end of your claim, meaning, you have just one chance for justice? If you later find out that you were more injured then what your doctors originally thought, even your own insurance company will tell you, Too bad, youre on your own.Since 1992, our San Diego County law firm has been dedicated to serving injured people in motorcycle crashes. Our motorcycle accident lawyers realize how important it is to get your claim handled right the first time, and we will professionally guide you through the legal process.With just one chance for justice, youre probably going to want a good motorcycle accident lawyer to handle your claim professionally. We believe that our law firm is the right choice for you and your family.