Thank you for visiting the Web site of Michael Pines, APC. If you’re looking for a Lemon Grove personal injury lawyer who will treat your insurance claim with respect and care, you have come to the right place. Our team has two decades of experience representing people like you who have been injured in serious accidents, and we understand how the insurance companies work. You need the kind of lawyer who will fight for justice, because the insurance company you’re working with has a team of lawyers and claims adjustors who are trying to make sure you’re paid as little as possible. Michael Pines knows exactly how the insurance companies operate because he used to represent them. While working for insurance industry clients after getting his degree from the University of California’s Hastings Law School in 1987, he learned how these companies put profits before the well being of injured people. It wasn’t long until he decided to do something about it, and in 1992 he founded Michael Pines, APC. Lemon Grove and other Southern California communities have had an expert team ready to represent seriously injured people in the insurance claim process ever since. Don’t trust that the insurance company will give you a fair deal. You need a Lemon Grove auto accident lawyer who will handle your case professionally and confidently from day one.