If you ask any of our motorcycle accident attorneys, they'll probably tell you that a helmet is the best method of motorcycle safety around. Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries are head and neck injuries that can leave you paralyzed after the accidentchanging your life dramatically. Traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of wrongful death in motorcycle accidents, but wearing a helmet reduces a motorcyclists risk of a fatal head injury by 40 percent and of a non-fatal brain injury by 15 percent.While you should always wear a helmet, it is actually legal in some states to ride without one. While helmet laws vary from state to state, California law requires you to wear a helmet.

Five Main Types of Motorcycle Helmets

If you ride a motorcycle, you have five basic types of motorcycle helmets to choose from:

A full face helmet (1) covers the whole head and the back of the helmet covers the base of the skull with a protective section over the chin to protect the jaw. The full face variety provides the most protection.

The modular or flip-up helmet (2) is a cross between the full face and the open face helmets (3). When closed, the modular has the same chin guard as a full face helmet, but a lever allows the chin bar to be raised like an open face helmet. The open face has a back part that covers the back of the skull but doesnt have the chin bar or -- in some helmets -- a face shield.

The half helmet (4) gives the minimum coverage allowed by U.S. law. The half helmet has the same design in front as an open face but with a raised rear part.

The off-road or motocross helmet (5) is primarily used in motocross and by riders with dirt bikes. The off-road has a longer chin and visor area, a chin par and an open face to give the rider more protection while they wear goggles.

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