Often times, people think that they cannot make a claim if a previous injury was aggravated in a car accident.  In many cases, this is not true, and it may even make your case worth much more money. Here is an example that our car accident lawyers have seen happen after a car accident.  Suppose that you recently had spinal cord surgery, and you get into a car accident.  Even though you were already experiencing pain in your neck and back, the pain worsened after the car accident.  Should you be able to recover for this? Yes, assuming that a qualified medical doctor can show that the car accident aggravated or made the injury worse. As crazy as this seems, this law is called the “Egg Shell Doctrine”, and it applies to any personal injury that has been aggravated after a car accident.

Pre-Existing Injuries Fall under the Egg Shell Doctrine

Under the Egg Shell Doctrine, the responsible party must accept you in the physical and medical condition in which he or she was before the car accident.  It doesn’t matter if the injured person is young and athletic, has thinning bones, or even a weakened muscular condition.  If you are predisposed to bone fractures, like someone with osteoporosis would be, the responsible party still must pay for any injuries you suffer in a car accident.

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