The California Vehicle Code sets the laws and rules of the roadway, and our car accident lawyers want you to know the basics. In car accidents that are serious enough to cause personal injury, police will come out to the scene of the car accident and take down information.  In the police report, the responding officer usually indicates specific Vehicle Code violations (i.e. speeding, unsafe lane change and running a red light) that caused the car accident.  The California Vehicle Codes have some rules and regulations that you should know.

Major Car Accidents Often Come Under California Vehicle Codes

In car accidents with personal injury or crashes with an extensive amount of property damage, the California Vehicle Code requires you to file a Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) report.  This is report that your car accident lawyer can fill out on your behalf.  This DMV form is usually filled out along with another form that helps you get the responsible party’s car insurance policy information if none was provided at the scene of the car accident. The Vehicle Code also determines the minimum amount of car insurance required to drive a car in California -- usually $15,000 per injured person in a car accident or $30,000 for everyone injured if that person is deemed at fault for a car accident.  Our car accident lawyers in San Diego recommend that you choose a higher limit, which usually does not cost that much more and will benefit you greatly if you are ever involved in a personal injury claim. The California Vehicle Code is a very useful tool for all California drivers, and an experienced car accident lawyer will use these laws to recover money on your behalf.

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