Your brain is the most important organ in your body. It handles all of the communication of nerves between all bodily functions: movement, temperature regulation and other organ functions. The brain is essentially one big mass of soft tissue, so the possibility of it getting damaged after a head injury is high. To protect against that, the skull surrounds the brain. Unfortunately the skull is just bone, and everyone knows that all bones can be broken just as easily.If you sustain any kind of head injury, you should know that you can suffer a traumatic brain injury like a concussion or a hematoma no matter what is surrounding your brain. Did you know you can suffer damage to the skull itself?Skull fractures can be just as damaging as traumatic brain injuries, and skull fractures can eventually lead to other serious brain injuries as pieces of the skull can lacerate (or cut) the brain and cause bleeding (hemorrhaging or hematoma).

What Kinds Of Skull Fractures Are There?

Skull fractures are categorized into three types:Linear Skull FractureLinear skull fractures are the most common type of skull fracture. They usually happen when the initial impact causes the skull to bend inward, making the area around it buckle outward. In its rarest form, a linear fracture can grow and get longer as the brain swells and lead to whats called a growing fracture. Another type of linear fracture, a diastatic fracture, causes the bones of the skull to separate at different parts of the skull in young children whose skull bones havent fused yet.Comminuted Skull FractureComminuted skull fractures are skull fractures where a bone is shattered into a lot of pieces. Pieces of skull bone can get driven into the brain causing lacerations. Depressed skull fractures are a specific type of comminuted skull fracture where the bones crash inward. This skull fracture carries a high risk of increasing pressure on the brain, and it could crush the brain tissue.Basilar Skull FractureBasilar skull fractures are breaks in bones at the base of the skull. These skull fractures are extremely rare because it takes so much force to cause. Only about four percent of severe brain injury patients have basilar skull fractures. Basilar skull fractures can cause membranes of the brain to tear and cause the leaking of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the nose and ears. One of the more memorable basilar skull fractures happened in a car accident that caused the wrongful death of Dale Earnhardt, Sr. in the NASCAR Circuit.

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