While our paralysis lawyers in San Diego do not take a stance either for or against the use of stem cell research, the fact of the matter remains is that there are now new ways to use stem cells in the treatment of spinal cord injuries. Israel, one of the leading researchers in stem cell innovations, have already begun to grow human tissue and organs in laboratories, which means that the possibilities are virtually endless for what they can do.

How Do Stem Cells Cure Paralysis?

Imagine having the power to restore the memories of an Alzheimer's patient, replace skin that was lost due to a horrible car accident or give a quadriplegics ability to walk again. At first, stem cells are blank slates, meaning that they have the potential to become anything. Often times these cells are called pluripotent. This means that the stems cells can grow the characteristics of any cell, tissue, and organ in the human body. As was previously mentioned, they have no limits to what they can become.Currently, doctors are using a type of spinal surgery that could benefit greatly from the use of stem cell treatment. It used to be that spinal fusions took a few days and now surgeons can do it within a matter of hours, using material that helps bone growth develop. That aside, it is still not the same as having actual tissue grow back and develop naturally on to your body.For those with severe spinal cord injuries andliving withparalysis, good news keeps coming. There are also new laws that have been passed since March 9, 2009, when President Obama erased the ban on federal funding for stem cell research, meaning that more can be done to cure aliments such as paralysis. With each new day, a little bit of hope springs to life about finding an end to paralysis.

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