Accidents happen to the best of us. No matter how secure we are with the seemingly easy task of walking, you never know what's on the ground which can cause you to slip and fall onto the ground. You're at the grocery store gathering food to fill your kitchen. Without you even knowing, you could slip on a liquid which can cause you to fall on your head.

People in states with a winter climate can attest to something similar. When water freezes on the ground, there is a possibility the ice can be invisible to the naked eye. This is what is known as black ice. Black ice can cause you to slip and fall onto the pavement. The ground, as everyone knows, is not exactly the softest thing to land on. Landing on it can cause serious brain injury depending on how hard you land and where on your head you land.

Slip and fall accidents can cause the same contusions, concussions or hematomas that car accidents and sports related brain injuries can cause. The only difference is there is a greater possibility that you wont see it coming.

With slip and fall accidents, the accident itself may not be your fault. If you believe that someone else was irresponsible or careless in preventing the slip and fall accident, you should contact an experienced brain injury attorney to handle your case.

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