The appetite for electric vehicles across the United States is heating up. A new AAA survey found that one in every five of U.S. drivers will likely go for an electric vehicle in their next purchase. This is an increase from just 15% in 2017. Increased driving ranges, better safety features and lower than average ownership costs make it a strong possibility that more people will invest in electric vehicles in the future. Electric cars are seen by some as more reliable, cheaper and capable of traveling farther every single year and more Americans are seeing the benefits.

Americans who are likely to purchase an electric vehicle have very specific reasons for doing so, including more concern for the environment, decreased long term costs, better technology, and access to the car pool lane. Women at 90% are more likely to buy an electric vehicle due to concerns over the environment and three out of ten adults in the United States share that they were likely to buy a hybrid car the next time they were in a market for used or new vehicle.

The crash rating also factored into people’s decisions to select an electric vehicle. If you have been involved in an accident in any type of car, you should schedule a consultation directly with an experienced San Diego personal injury attorney to figure out how best to protect your interests and to proceed with a personal injury claim.      

Those who own an electric car should know that if an accident happens, it could be hard to find a mechanic who is familiar enough with the internal makeup and has a supplier for the right parts to fix your car. What becomes a matter of fixing your car quickly to get you back on the road could prove more problematic than expected.