The $25 million paralysis settlement against Albemarle County parent companies of Massanutten Resort might just be the largest single settlement in ski resort history — provided it goes through successfully, reports

For our firm’s San Diego paralysis lawyers, this is the first time that we have heard of a spinal cord injury occurring due to a snow-tubing accident.  This isn’t surprising, however, because the 2008-2009 season had a total of 39 fatal skiing and snowboarding accidents.

$25M lawsuit was filed for a spinal cord injury suffered on a snow-tube.

In January, 2009, one man sledded headfirst down a snow-tubing course at the Rockingham County when he traveled into the “run-out” area that is barricaded with rubber mats and crashed into a wall.

“His head hit the wall, it didn’t give, and his spinal cord gave,” his lawyer said.

The man is paraplegic and thus cannot move his body from his chest down.  The lawsuit is intended to help pay for his extensive spinal cord treatments and around the clock care.

The cost of his medical bills is in the millions.

He and his lawyer have accused the ski resort of negligence when it came to providing safety provisions, stating that there was a “failure to design the barrier wall with sufficient safety protection.”

Our firm’s paralysis lawyers feel that a lawsuit such as this one could shed light on an issue of safety that often gets overlooked. Winter sports — hitting the slopes, skating on the ice, and catching some air — are sometimes dangerous activities, with serious accidents happening all the time as a result of them.  Make sure you are aware of the hazards associated with winter sports and protect your body properly, including your head and your spine.

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